Road to Taal

Taal is the most popular destination in Batangas because of it’s culture, products, historical and ancestral houses. I had fun doing our immersion in Taal because of the places we’ve visited there. Here are some photos we’ve taken during our tour in Taal. 

We passed by stalls of the famous balisong and in the factory of panucha. They show us how to make their products and we’re so amazed. The owner let some student to try some steps in making panucha. 

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We also visited Taal Lake, Casaysay Church, Basilica Church, Alitagtag Church and Dona Marcella Agoncillo Museum (the house where the first Philippine flag was sewn by hand by Marcella Agoncillo). 

A tour around in this quaint heritage village is one entertaining way to learn the history of the country. It is worth a visit as well as worth preserving for the next generations to come. It is an experience that you’ll never forget.

Come on! Let’s go and explore Taal, for you to experience the joy that you’ll only found in Taal.



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